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Rice Bran Processing

Dedicated to extracting and processing rice bran for over four decades

Vaighai Agro is South India’s earliest and most reputed agribusiness company. Having made substantial investments in research and innovation to expand the product range, decades of our consistent efforts have borne fruit. With a robust product portfolio that includes rice bran oil, de-oiled rice bran products, and other value-added products, we spare no effort in sustaining our industry leadership position.

Rice Bran Processing

Vaighai’s success in the oilseeds
processing field can be attributed to

  • Dynamic procurement practices.
  • Innovative processing of by-products.
  • Continuous efforts to add value to both the finished and the by-products.
  • Extensive procurement & marketing network.
  • Continuous focus on modernization and technology up-gradation.
  • Strategic plant location.

Vaighai Protein

Vaighai Agro has become a dominant player in the rice bran processing industry, with a foothold across Tamil Nadu spanning procurement markets including Madurai, Aruppukottai, Thalavaipuram, Rajapalayam, Tirunelveli, Sankarankovil, Theni, Dindigul and Ramnad. Managed by an efficient workforce of twenty-five employees, we enjoy guaranteed access to over 400 rice mills a day.

The division directly procures nearly 50% of the rice bran requirement for the company during both the peak and the lean seasons. Vaighai is now one of South India’s top rice bran processors and has made an indelible mark as a major producer and seller of various rice bran products and by-products, including Vaighai Protein.


Our Factory

Vaighai Agro’s rice bran processing unit comprises three international-standard, fully-equipped facilities that manage
a spectrum of rice bran pretreatment and processing, rice bran oil solvent extraction, and rice bran oil purifying processes.

Global Presence

5000 satisfied customers
across the globe bear testimony to the
fact that at Vaighai, we breathe

Beginning with our oils division back in 1990 and scaling up to an established footprint
spanning the world, Vaighai Agro has consolidated and strengthened its leading position
by focusing on ongoing progress throughout all verticals. As a result, we are proud to be
a fully integrated Make in India business house and South India’s largest conglomerate
with global ambitions.

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