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Coconut Oil

coconut oil is a less refined version of refined, bleached, and deodorised
(RBD) coconut oil

Coconut flesh (copra) is used to obtain crude coconut oil, and even though it is far less refined than RBD coconut oil,
our crude coconut oil is 100% free of harmful pollutants.

Primarily utilised for exterior applications owing to its moisturising properties, crude coconut oil finds application
mainly as a raw material in the oleochemicals and products industry.


Benefits of Crude Coconut Oil

  • CNO is a multipurpose oil.
  • It is used across various industries like cosmetics, food, wellness.
  • Utilised in the production of margarine and vegetable lard.

4-step crude coconut oil extraction process

Step 1

Coconut oil is made from copra, which is derived from drying coconuts.

Step 2

Oil is extracted from copra using rotaries and expellers powered by electricity.

Step 3

The cake leftover and mucilage are separated by filtering or settling following the oil extraction.

Step 4

The purest of pure crude coconut oil is ready for use.


Property Coconut Oil
Free fatty acids 1 to 5
Color 30 to 40
Moisture 0.5
Density (15 °C) 0.913 – 0.920
Refractive Index
Lodine value 10 Max
Saponification Value
Unsaponifiable matter
Sediment Below 0.2
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