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We are Vaighai agro

Raising the bar and setting
new precedents for four decades.

Founded in 1980, Vaighai Agro is currently “India’s largest rice bran processor” with state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities spread across South India. Notably, we have consistently bagged the
“Highest Rice Bran Processors of India” award from the SEA, India, since 2009.

Incepted with the express purpose of manufacturing and supplying rice bran oil and de-oiled
bran products, Vaighai Agro has been instrumental in shifting India’s agribusiness industry
from a model of dependency to self-sufficiency.

Research & Innovation : The organization has exceptional quality assurance
and fully-equipped R&D facilities with international-standard testing and research assets
managed by a team of skilled professionals. Our reputable quality assurance framework assures
the superior quality and integrity of the products we deliver to our clientele. In addition,
our ongoing innovation efforts are designed to satisfy the evolving needs
of our clients most efficiently and productively.


To nourish human and
livestocks through ethical
produced healthy food
and feed products.


To feed the world
with quality food and
feed products.

Our Founders

Since our company’s establishment in 1980, we at Vaighai Agro have witnessed a spectacular rise in our business, profitability,
accolades, and worldwide recognition, thanks to our founders’ commitment and vision. Coupled with a passion for working diligently
with the knack of spotting a good business potential, our founders – Shri K. Periyasamy Nadar, Shri S. Varadarajan, and
Shri S. S. V. Chellakani Nadar – went on to create a rice bran processing superpower. The business continues
to build on its predecessor’s successes to propel the organisation ahead and add to India’s economy.

Shri K. Periyasamy Nadar

Shri K. Periyasamy Nadar hailed from a poor family in a tiny village called Karisalkulam. He came to Madurai to seek his fortune at the age of 13, and began by working at a grocery shop. He started trading in cattle feed, travelling from place to place on a bicycle. Diligent and meticulous, he was a man with tremendous foresight. He went on to trade in textiles, blue metals, fireworks and matches, set up a printing press and was instrumental in setting up the Cattle Feed Association in Madurai. He played a major role in bringing up the Sivakasi Nadar Wedding Hall.

Shri ‘Annabathi’ S. Varadharajan

Shri S. Varadarajan, equipped with nothing but a middle school education, travelled on foot to Madurai from his village when he was only 7 years old. A visionary and a leader, he had an innate perception of how to do business. He began by making camphor at home, and later saw huge success in the incense sticks business – he marketed “Annabathi” to 8 states all over India. He visited Europe and the USSR – he had gone a long way indeed from his tiny village in South India. After a successful stint in construction, he started Vaighai in 1980 with his friends. He was fascinated by football, and sponsored the Annabathi Football Match and the 100-sovereign Gold Cup.

Shri S.S.V. Chellakani Nadar

Shri S. S. V. Chellakani Nadar was a freedom fighter in the Indian struggle for independence. After independence, he was affiliated to the Congress Party and was close friends with prominent politicians like Mr. K. Kamaraj, Mr. P. A. Ramchandran and Mr. M. S. V. Chitan. An eminently successful man, he did very well in a multitude of areas from printing to the manufacture of fireworks, grease and cement. A simple man who valued integrity above all else, he was passionate about business and worked industriously right until his demise in 2005 at the age of 85.

Our Business

Proud winner of the
“Highest Rice Bran Processors of
India” award from the SEA, India,
for the past 13 years.

Vaighai Agro’s ability to find a middle ground between accessibility to commodities
and markets, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Tirunelveli,
Madurai, and Namakkal, has empowered it to make the nation self-sufficient in rice
bran oil and de-oiled rice bran products. But, that’s not all; our four-decade-long
experience enables us to compete internationally, increase supply to fulfil growing
domestic consumption and exports by-products such as edible oil,
animal feed, pet care, and animal nutrition industries.

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Rice Bran Processing

Living up to our name as India’s most prominent rice bran processor, we deploy world-class extraction techniques to ensure that our range of rice bran products preserves the nutrients and flavours scientifically proven to benefit human and livestock health.

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Our product

Feed Ingredients

Vital for supporting healthy livestock nutrition and building
animal muscle and body tissues, the global and domestic market
for animal feed is booming in the pet care, aquaculture (aquafeed),
cattle, swine, and poultry industries. Sourced directly from farm
to factory, Vaighai meets this rising demand by supplying high-quality
animal feed ingredients protein-packed with all of nature’s goodness.

Global Presence

5000 satisfied customers
across the globe bear testimony to the
fact that at Vaighai, we breathe

Beginning with our oils division back in 1990 and scaling up to an established footprint
spanning the world, Vaighai Agro has consolidated and strengthened its leading position
by focusing on ongoing progress throughout all verticals. As a result, we are proud to be
a fully integrated Make in India business house and South India’s largest conglomerate
with global ambitions.

Markets We Serve

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into the many industries we serve,
you’ve come to the right place.


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