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Rice bran oil has gained worldwide popularity as one of the healthy cooking and frying oils available.

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Rice Bran Oil

Benefits of Refined Rice Bran Oil

  • Contains a combination of stearyl and other ferulic acid triterpene esters.
  • High in various phytosterols.
  • Contains vitamin E –tocopherols and tocotrienols – and a large number of bioactive phytonutrients such as phytosterols, -oryzanol, squalene, and triterpene alcohols.
  • Helps lower blood sugar levels and the incidence of inflammation and metabolic disorders.
  • Delays the progression of early ageing and age-related neurological illnesses.

6-step refined rice bran oil extraction process

Step 1


Degumming removes phospholipids, which improves the physical stability of the product. The procedure is also required to facilitate further refinement processes.

Step 2

Pre Bleaching

Bleaching improves the quality of the oil by carefully eliminating pigments and contaminants through the physical and chemical action of an adsorbent with it.

Step 3


Dewaxing is the technique of systematically cooling the oil and removing saturated glycerides to isolate higher melting point compounds such as waxes or triglycerides.

Step 4


Waxes and saturated triglycerides that are observable at low temperatures are eliminated in this procedure to preserve oil clarity. To attain a high-grade oil, degummed, bleached, and dewaxed oil is cooled and filtered.

Step 5


Vacuum stripping is achieved by pumping a precise amount of a stripping agent (typically steam) through heated oil at reduced pressure for a defined period. This is primarily a manual procedure for removing different volatile substances.

Step 6


Heart-healthy refined rice bran oil is ready for use.


Particulars Results
Appearance Clear, Free from Suspended particles & Water
Odour & Taste Odorless & Bland, Free from Rancidity
Color in 1″ Cell ( Y+5R ) 16.0 Units ( Max )
FFA as Oleic 0.20% ( Max )
Moisture 0.10% ( Max )
Iodine Value 90 – 105
RI at 40°c 1.4600 – 1.4700
Saponification Value 180 – 195
Peroxide Value 1.00 m.eq/kg(Max)
Unsaponifiable matter 4.5% ( Max )
Oryzanol 1.00%(Mix)
Flash Point More than 250°c
TBHQ 100 ± 10ppm
Fatty Acid Composition To Conform Pure Rice Bran Oil(GLC)
Adulteration Negative
Test For of Argemone oil, Mineral oil, Castor
Oil, Animal Fat

Features & Applications

  • 100% Non-GMO Product
  • Contains No Animal Matter
  • Copra cake is a high energy, high fibre, feed formulation for the animal feed industry, particularly in order to increase weight of fully grown animals.
  • Copra Meal contains almost NIL oil % and hence has longer shelf life as
    compared to Copra Cake.
  • Both products are ideal for feeding animals during winter on account of it high energy value
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