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Vaighai Chemical
Industries Limited

Vaighai Chemical Industries Limited, established in 1981, is the maiden venture of the Vaighai group. Today we have grown into India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of potassium chlorate (KCLO3). Vaighai has spent over three decades of revolutionising innovation and entrepreneurship. Over 2000 satisfied customers, across the globe, bear testimony to the fact that we, at Vaighai, breathe excellence. Vaighai holds 45% market share in India and exporting to over 20 plus countries across 4 continents.

Vaighai Agro
Products Limited

Established in 1989 the company grew exponentially and soon became the group’s core business activity with three solvent extraction units with a combined rice bran processing capacity of 300000 metric tonnes a year. VAPL holds a 7% share of India’s total rice bran processing industry. With over 60 sourcing centres across India, VAPL directly procures rice bran from over 1200 rice mills across the nation. VAPL has been constantly winning the prestigious ‘Highest Rice Bran Processor in India’ award for the last six consecutive years.

Vaighai Group of Companies

Vaighai Animal
Nutrition Limited

Vaighai Animal nutrition the animal feed manufacturing, equipped with the best technologies and advanced process to ensure world-class quality. We work closely with veterinary doctors, scientists and nutritionists to constantly innovate and come out with new animal feed formulations to boost our customers productivity and profitability. Vaighai has wide dealer distribution network to ensure smooth supply to farmers across south India. Our products : KO, Ko plus, Sinai plus, Sola and Dhaniya

Global Presence

5000 satisfied customers
across the globe bear testimony to the
fact that at Vaighai, we breathe

Beginning with our oils division back in 1990 and scaling up to an established footprint
spanning the world, Vaighai Agro has consolidated and strengthened its leading position
by focusing on ongoing progress throughout all verticals. As a result, we are proud to be
a fully integrated Make in India business house and South India’s largest conglomerate
with global ambitions.

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