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Following the successful footsteps of Vaighai Agro Products, Vaighai Worldwide was established in 2012 to strengthen our leadership position and leverage key growing dynamics in the coir and coco substrate industry. Vaighai Worldwide’s growth trajectory has been one-of-a-kind in terms of the scale and extent of its commitment to creating a clean and green environment.

Spanning a growth story of over four decades, Vaighai Worldwide now employs over 700 people across five manufacturing facilities and boasts of buyers in more than 45 countries. Covering a wide range of coir and coco substrate products customised to our client’s specific size and shape demands, we remain a leading player in the cocopeat products industry.

Animal nutrition

Vital for supporting healthy livestock nutrition and building animal muscle and body tissues, the global and domestic market for animal feed is booming in the pet care, aquaculture (aquafeed), cattle, swine, and poultry industries. Sourced directly from farm to factory, Vaighai Animal Nutrition meets this rising demand by supplying high-quality animal feed ingredients protein-packed with all of nature’s goodness.

Our animal feed products – Ko, Ko plus, Sinai plus, Sola, and Dhaniya – are manufactured using the most sophisticated technology and processes to achieve the world-class quality we are renowned for. We collaborate extensively with veterinary physicians, scientists, and nutritionists to identify innovative formulas that help increase our clients’ productivity and profitability. Vaighai Animal Nutrition showcases an extensive dealer distribution network that ensures consistent supply to farmers throughout Southern India.

Chemical Industry

Vaighai Chemical Industries Limited – The Vaighai Group’s firstborn – was founded in 1981. Madurai-born, India-raised and a globally spread corporate, we have grown from strength to strength over the past four decades. We are today India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Potassium Chlorate (KClo3).

A proud Make In India enterprise, our successes have catapulted us to the leading position of national and international manufacturers and exporters of Potassium Chlorate (KClo3). As such, we ignited the spark that helped realise the full potential of Potassium Chlorate in a range of applications, including the manufacture of matches, fireworks, growth enhancers, smoke fumigation, bleaching agent, and disinfectants.


In keeping with our philosophy of creating a sustainable future for the planet, we at
Farm @ Home continually develop new products that help make our lives healthier and happier. We harness science and innovative thinking to grow our product range and ensure that all we do fosters health and wellness. We believe that people live a better quality of life due to our products.

With Farm @ Home, we are growing our passion for making the world a greener place. Having been in the growing media industry for five years, we know what keeps your plants in the pink (or should we say green?) of health. We are passionate about environmental, eco-friendly, sustainable, and fun growing media solutions and help you create the garden of your dreams. Our objective is to introduce a touch of greenery into every home or workplace desk/balcony/terrace and, in turn, help create a cleaner, healthier, greener environment.

Markets We Serve

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