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With a growth history of over 40 years, Vaighai Worldwide is India’s largest exporter of coir and coco peat substrates. Owing to our meticulous process of manufacturing the finest coco peat in the market, our product – Gro-Med – enjoys patronage from across the world.

Established in the year 2012, with a vision to create a clean & green world, Vaighai consistently strives to deliver a 100% pure and sustainable growing medium to enable growers worldwide to grow crops that are good in both quality and quantity. Being a mission-driven firm, Vaighai Worldwide exclusively stands at the forefront when stating quality measurements, through constant focus to escalate its product line, Vaighai continuous to upbring coir and other coconut-based products, manufacturing customized coco coir substrates while keeping customers’ requirements and preferences
as a top priority.

Today, Gro-Med coco substrates and value-added products are shipped to more than 45 countries.

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