We are Vaighai agro

Vaighai’s four-decade-long experience
has been committed to realizing
our goal of making

India’s agribusiness industry self-reliant and autonomous. Day after day, we bring producers to
supply chains, buyers to commodities, and individuals and livestock to the sustenance they require to
grow and progress. We integrate 42 years of expertise with advanced innovation and understanding
to serve as a valuable asset to global businesses across the rice bran oil, de-oiled rice bran, and animal
feed industries.
Together, we are creating a more seamless, stable, self-sufficient vision for India’s
agribusiness industry.

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Our Business

Proud winner of the
“Highest Rice Bran Processors of
India” award from the solvent
extraction India since 2009

Vaighai Agro’s ability to find a middle ground between accessibility to commodities
and markets, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Madurai,
Tirunelveli, and Namakkal, has empowered it to make the nation self-sufficient in rice
bran oil and de-oiled rice bran products. But, that’s not all; our four-decade-long
experience enables us to compete national, increase supply to fulfil growing
domestic consumption and exports by-products such as edible oil,
animal feed, pet care, and animal nutrition industries.

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Rice Bran Processing

Living up to our name as India’s most prominent rice bran processor, we deploy world-class extraction techniques to ensure that our range of rice bran products preserves the nutrients and flavours scientifically proven to benefit human and livestock health.

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Our product

Feed Ingredients

Vital for supporting healthy livestock nutrition and building
animal muscle and body tissues, the global and domestic market
for animal feed is booming in the pet care, aquaculture (aquafeed),
cattle, swine, and poultry industries. Sourced directly from farm
to factory, Vaighai meets this rising demand by supplying high-quality
animal feed ingredients protein-packed with all of nature’s goodness.

Global Presence

5000 satisfied customers
across the globe bear testimony to the
fact that at Vaighai, we breathe

Beginning with our oils division back in 1990 and scaling up to an established footprint
spanning the world, Vaighai Agro has consolidated and strengthened its leading position
by focusing on ongoing progress throughout all verticals. As a result, we are proud to be
a fully integrated Make in India business house and South India’s largest conglomerate
with global ambitions.

Markets We Serve

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into the many industries we serve,
you’ve come to the right place.


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