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De-oiled copra is an excellent ingredient for animal feed that has good flavor, balance of protein and other nutrients that are essential for the health and productivity of the animal.

Our de-oiled copra product is an excellent fibre, energy, and nutrition source. Developed for catering to the animal feed business, our product is primarily utilised to raise the body weight of fully-grown animals. It is 100% non-genetically engineered and does not comprise any animal materials.

Deoiled Copra Cake

Benefits of De Oiled Copra

  • High in iron, protein content: copra is an excellent content for dietary.
  • Antibacterial: High concentration of monolaurin and lauric acid. Aids in the killing of pathogens, microbes, and fungus.
  • Anti-ageing helps promote bone and tooth health and aids in building a healthy immune system.
  • Supports healthy livestock nutrition: De-oiled copra products help build animal muscle and body tissues.
  • Boosts the body weight of fully developed animals.

De-oiled rice bran manufacturing process

Step 1

Rice bran oil extraction, processing, and separating are the primary steps in producing de-oiled rice bran meal.

Step 2

Following rice bran oil extraction from high-grade rice bran oil expellers, the resultant byproduct, i.e. de-oiled rice bran, is collected and prepared for the next process step.

Step 3

After the processed rice bran is fed in the expeller’s feeder, a screwworm transports the rice bran meal forward. This is the penultimate stage of de-oiled rice bran processing.

Step 4

Free-flowing, homogenous, and pure de-oiled rice bran meal is ready for use.


Property Copra
EMoisture %: 10
Protein %: 21 – 22
Fat %: 0.3 – 0.5
Fibre %: 10%
Aflatoxin (< ppb) 10
Form Cake and Powder


Industry Details
Nutraceuticals: For the Extraction of Nutraceutical components such as Rice Bran Fiber (RBF) & Rice Bran Protein Concentrate (RBPC).
Food & Bakery Applications: For the manufacture of Breakfast cereals, Bakery applications, etc.
Animal feed
  • Grades P1 and P2.
  • A moderate protein, high energy feed ingredient for the animal feed industry, particularly used for the increased rate of growth of young animals.
  • Grades F1 and F2.
  • Used as high fibre ingredient for cattle and livestock feed.
  • Ideal for feeding animals with colic problems, since the fibre content acts as a medicine.
Organic fertilizer
  • DORB-all grades
  • can be used as growth promoters for plants.
  • can also be used as ingredients in organic fertilizers due to it organic content, and its ability to ferment organic particles in the soil.

Features & Applications

  • 100% Non-GMO Product
  • Contains No Animal Matter
  • Copra cake is a high energy, high fibre, feed formulation for the animal feed industry, particularly in order to increase weight of fully grown animals.
  • Copra Meal contains almost NIL oil % and hence has longer shelf life as
    compared to Copra Cake.
  • Both products are ideal for feeding animals during winter on account of it high energy value
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