Right since inception, Vaighai has used the world's best technology, a highly trained workforce, as well as cutting edge equipment and instrumentation. Vaighai has also put in place a top class communication module enabling advanced process control. Above all, continuous monitoring allows a high degree of consistency in quality performance.

Quality is considered to be at the heart of not just every product, but of every activity, since each activity contributes to the final output.

Continuous monitoring of quality, coupled with cost, is being followed at our units. Quality Circles ensure continuous improvement of techniques and innovative methods to maintain the highest standards in quality.

Vaighai is committed to total customer satisfaction in terms of quality and services for the entire range of its products. The continued commitment to excellence and innovative efforts to enhance Quality contribute to Vaighai's market leadership in its various businesses. Quality standards are primarily achieved through automated systems (reducing manual handling to a minimum), high attention to complaint resolution, online communication and information exchange.