At Vaighai, we are committed to our customers in a way that reaches far beyond mere provision of our products.


Vaighai defines clusters as sectoral and geographical concentrations of enterprises that produce and sell a range of related or complementary products and, thus, face common challenges and opportunities. These concentrations can give rise to external economies such as emergence of specialized suppliers of raw materials and components or growth of a pool of sector-specific skills and foster development of specialized services in technical, managerial and financial matters. Networks are groups of firms that cooperate on a joint development project complementing each other and specializing in order to overcome common problems, achieve collective efficiency and penetrate markets beyond their individual reach. Networks formed by SMEs only are termed horizontal, to distinguish them from those where one or more large-scale enterprises are involved which are of the vertical type. Whether horizontal or vertical, networks can be developed within or independently of clusters.

Rice Mill Industry Cluster

Vaighai has formed Rice Mills Industry cluster in Tamilnadu. Rice mills from MSME and SME are part of this cluster participate in the awareness meetings conducted periodically on Management, Technology, Research & Development, Finance and Human Resources. This facilitates the cluster members to upgrade their skill sets and improve their professionalism in handling their businesses. Directly this helps them to leverage their business potential globally.

Safety Match Industry Cluster

The safety match manufacturer's cluster formed during the year 2008 functions as a strategic business unit of the cluster. The main reason to float this cluster is to identify overseas market to jointly export their products at much competitive price. Due to combined manufacturing capacities the economy of scale has lead to offer their products at much competitive price, also in-turn made them to procure their raw materials in bulk at competitive price, where other small manufacturers buy at high price. This gives an edge for them to compete with the global market.

  • Blood donation camp conducted every year at all our factory locations inviting the surrounding village people. This camp is conducted mainly to involve each and every Vaighaian to come forward and donate blood to the needy hospital and healthcare industry.
  • Eye check up camp conducted frequently at all our factory locations. Renowned ophthalmologists are engaged for this camp to give treatment and consultation to our Vaighaians and surrounding village community.
  • Vaighai plays vital role in helping the needy children who perform well in their studies but unable to pay their school or university fees. Vaighai has given scholarship to various school and university graduates every year.
  • Natural disasters are inevitable. Vaighai has contributed relief funds to the displaced people due to natural disasters including Tsunami, Cyclone, Fire Accidents, etc.
  • Donated to build a world-class Indoor Badminton Club in the name of Vaighai Temple City Badminton Sports Centre in Madurai with three wooden court, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Club members have active participation in district level, state level and international level competitions. Students are also getting trained in this facility and student level championship tournaments are conducted.

Our Customer Relations Desk enables our customers to get in touch with us. We share a close rapport with all our customers, and we value feedback, as it helps us know how to serve our customers even better.

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